Junior Program

Junior Program (Age 6~12)

Focus, Discipline, Confidence… and FUN!

This class teaches kids that being a student is fun! Our programs are focused on Character Building and giving kids a head start in life. These classes are exciting and fun for kids but more than that they are rewarding and developmental. The path to the Black belt will take each student through challenges and triumphs that will serve as a metaphor for making great life choices.

Classes focus on :

• Fitness           • Respect               • Focus

• Discipline     • Patience              • Honor

• Bully Defense         • Stranger Defense

.. and so much more!

Recent studies show that children that grow up in structured martial arts programs have up to 82% greater chance of graduating University!!! Give your child an education that lasts a lifetime.

For more information, contact Master Seo’s Dynamic Taekwondo at
905-277-5425 or write us at info@canadatkd.com

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